Check my street cred here and here. Also a few reviews from people I’ve worked with in the past below.

Review from Rus Wilson AKA Aquarimax: “‘I contacted Arthroverts about a possible trade…we decided on a mutually beneficial exchange, and on my end, I received 3 very healthy blue death-feigning beetles, well-packed. I am more than pleased. A win-win trade!”

Review from Peter Clausen of Bugs In Cyberspace: “Just a quick thank you to Jessiah for facilitating a rare opportunity for me to acquire something I’ve only had once before. Captive-bred velvet worms! It was a complicated transaction with multiple parties and he was a key player in the deal and did his part perfectly. Excellent communication and a willingness to exchange ideas resulted in a perfect outcome for me and the arthroverts!”

Review from Alain, apart of the 2019 September Velvet Worm Import: “The entire process went extremely well. Communication was great, despite the timezone difference. He answered all my questions about shipping because my temperatures in Florida were well in the 90’s. The packaging was perfect for the overnight trip, with the cool pack still maintaining its temperature. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Arthroverts again!”