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As I go tramping around the internet in search of information or a fun read (or both) I come across a variety of websites and resources. I share the most useful and interesting here. All sites are in English unless otherwise noted. I only share websites that are of informational value, and do not endorse any sellers that may be selling specimens on them. I cannot guarantee any of the sites will be free of profanity or other such material but do my best to only select websites that are appropriate in a broad sense.

Please know that I have only sought to share stable websites; other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, VKontakte, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, etc. all have thriving invertebrate-keeping communities that may hold further information not covered here.

If any links are broken please contact me so I can rectify the problem! Work is ongoing to organize links by subject in their respective categories.
Last Updated 3.27.2022

Bring on the Bugs Blog (formerly All About Arthropods, before that All About Insects), done by Joshua Campos AKA All About Arthropods, this is an excellent blog that details his escapades and experiences with a wide variety of invertebrates, everything from roaches, to beetles, to isopods, to dermapterans. Easily one of the funnest blogs to read.

Invertebrate Dude Blog is one of the premier English invertebrate blogs I’ve seen, run by my friend Tristan Shanahan, who is also known as Hisserdude, Invertebrate Dude, and TJ Ombrelle. While the main focus of the blog is roaches, other invertebrate groups also feature with some regularity. Is one of the longest-running invertebrate-focused blogs I know of.

The Mantis Menagerie Blog is an awesome project run by my friend The Mantis Menagerie. A variety of invertebrates are detailed and discussed, and the website hosts a guide to USDA/APHIS restrictions on various invertebrates commonly kept in the USA.

Arachnoboards Forum Threads
Loxosceles arizonica Habitat Summary
Loxosceles deserta Habitat Summary
Tom Patterson’s Other Spiders Photo Thread
NYAN’s Other Spiders Photo Thread
RezonantVoid’s Other Spiders Photo Thread
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Arachnid Addicted’s Other Spiders, Tarantulas, and Centipede Photo Threads
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Hissderdude’s Hobby Hisser Key (roaches)
CladeArthropoda’s Arthropod Phylogeny
Wizentrop’s Saving Fallen Whiplings Method

Mike’s Basic Tarantula
The Millipede Enthusiast’s Database
Father Sanchez’s Web Site of West Indian Natural History
Le Monde De Phasmes (The World of Phasmids, French)
Arthropodus (French)
Karaczany (Cockroaches, Polish)
Insect Raiser
Terrarium.com (Polish)
Mravce.info (Ants, Slovakian)
Spidey Goliathus
Little Big Worlds (Mantodea, German)
Michael Jacobi (arachnologist, photographer)
Gil Wizen (entomologist, photographer)
Saltatoria.info (Orthoptera, German)
Birdspiders.com (Rick C. West’s website, English)
Photographs from South Africa (invertebrate photos)
Alfredo Colon’s Invertebrates of Puerto Rico Photos

Entomology Graduate Student Association at University of California, Riverside
Myriapoden Gallery
Millipeden.org (German)
Diplopoda.de (German)
Panarthropoda (German)
Echinops (millipedes, German)
XhIvAdEmonBlOg (invertebrate breeding, Spanish)
Elytra and Antenna Family of Sites: Roaches, American Insects, Mantids/Assassin Bugs, Beetles, American Arachnids/Myriapods
Beetle Source (Steven Barney’s website)
The Scorpion Files Newsblog
Aracnolab (opiliones, A.B. Kury’s family of websites)
Opiliones Wiki
External Anatomy of Polydesmida
Tasmanian Millipedes (Bob Mesibov’s website)
The Spiral Burrow (Mark Newton’s website)
Arachnology @ AMNH
Mes Scorpions (English version, French version broken)
Kari’s Scorpion Pages (Kari J. McWest’s website)
Scorpions from the Chihuahuan Desert Region of Mexico and the United States
Indian Scorpions
František Kovařík’s Website
Tom’s Big Spiders

Pensoft Blog
Sea Slugs and Other Marine Invertebrates of the Tweed-Byron Coast, Australia
The Skeptical Moth
Termite Research Team (Czech)

Article Repositories
Biodiversity Heritage Library
World Spider Catalog
Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes (majority Polish)

Open Access Journals and Books
Note: I have tried to only select journals that either A) Focus primarily on invertebrates, or B) Publish a significant amount of articles related to invertebrates compared to other life forms. For a larger list of Open Access Journals (OAJ’s), please see this list compiled by Carlos Martínez-Munoz, and this list put together by Kansas University.
Schubartiana (German)
Opuscula Zoologica
European Journal of Taxonomy
Far Eastern Entomologist
Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny
Contributions to Entomology (German and English)
Soil Organisms
International Journal of Malacology (slugs and snails, free up to 2017)
Revista Chilena De Entomología (mostly Spanish)
Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift
Arthropoda Selecta
Revista de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina
Journal of the Entomological Research Society
Bulletin of Insectology
Arquivos Entomolóxicos (Spanish and English)
Russian Entomological Journal
Invertebrate Zoology
The Journal of Arachnology (free up to 2018)
Australian Arachnology
Speleobiology Notes
Nomina Insecta Nearctica: A Check List of the Insects of North America

Taxonomic Resources
ChiloBase 2.0
Cockroach Species File
Orthoptera Species File
Phasmida Species File
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Centre International de Myriapodologie
Variety of Life
The Scorpion Files
Arachnides (French)

Citizen Science

Roach Forum
Beetle Forum
Mantid Forum
Tarantula Forum
Phasmatodea.com Forums
Le Monde des Myriapodes (Millipede and Centipede Forum, French)
Le Mondes des Insectes (General Arthropod Forum, French)
Eusozial (Eusocial, Ants Forum, German)
Ameisen Forum (Ants Forum, German)
Diplopoda.de Forum (Millipede Forum, German)
Das International Kaëferforum (The International Beetle Forum, German)
Terrarium.pl (Polish)
Scorpion Forum (dead)
All-Scorpions-Archive (dead)

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
Invertebrate Club of Southern California
American Arachnological Society
British Tarantula Society
British Myriapod and Isopod Group
British Arachnology Society
Australian Arachnological Society

Language Translators