About Me

Hello, my name is Jessiah, and I guess I better start at the beginning. Back when I was born…..what’s that you say? Not that far back? O.K, but you’re missing all the interesting parts of my time as a baby! There was balls and blocks and shapes and paper and food and….O.K, O.K, just thought you guys would wanna hear about my few years as a baby.

I’ve always loved all kinds of animals, but “bugs”, fish, and reptiles were always my favorites. Invertebrates especially had a certain allure to me, so I’ve been a novice entomologist all my life. Unfortunately, when I was a child, I’d come home from a full day of looking for bugs, fish and reptiles and have terrible nightmares (typically about spiders, snakes, sharks, squid and stingrays), so there were several points of time when I would say I hated spiders, as these terrorized me the most in nightmares. Slowly, as I grew older, I thankfully grew out of most of my fears, and God helped me rectify the last few I had.

In the meantime, I had Jack, my Rosy Boa that I still have, a few lizards that I caught with my Dad and promptly died due to improper care, various frogs that also died of various reasons, and a variety of insects and arachnids (which always died). My grandfather got me several Pink Toe tarantula spiderlingsĀ (Avicularia sp. I assume) over the course of several years, which died because I didn’t know how to take care of them. A couple of years later, some family caught me two, navy blue tarantulas (Aphonopelma sp., quite possibly A. steindachneri) they had found wandering around. I kept them successfully for several months before they died (you’re starting to get the idea that most of the stuff I kept died, right?) I believe they were mature males, since they were both found wandering and they only lived a few months (I was able to give them relatively decent care, thanks to John3800 on Youtube).

After that, I didn’t keep very many invertebrates for a few years. Then, one day, my grandfather brought home what was supposed to be only a mouse for my Rosy Boa. What I didn’t know immediately was that inside there was also a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (Grammostola porteri)! I thanked him profusely, and proceeded to wolf down any information I could find on the care of tarantulas. I went back to John3800 on Youtube, I read care sheets, I looked around at my local pet store, I bought books and read The Tarantulas Keeper’s Guide* cover to cover. I was determined to take better care of this tarantula than its precursors. I still have that Chilean Rose Hair. The next thing I got was an Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator). The next tarantula I got was a Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulchripes), followed by a Green Bottle Blue and a Curly Hair (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens and Brachypelma ablopilosum [now Tlitocatl albopilosus]). The rest is….more tarantulas, scorpions, lots of millipedes, centipedes, true spiders and all kinds of other stuff, all of which you can see in my posts. Anyway, that’s me and my arthropods! Hope you enjoyed!