This is my reviews page for sellers I have dealt with, so check it out!

Arachnoboard Sellers:

Elytra and Antenna, AKA Orin McMonigle.

I ordered two Acladocricus sp. (Philippine Giant Blue’s) millipedes from Orin, and he was very timely in his responses, and on request, was very kind in sending me a sexed pair of the millipedes, so that I could try my hand at breeding them. The shipping price for Live Arrival Guarantee was better than Bugs In Cyberspace’s ($25 compared with $27), and the millipedes arrived a day ahead of schedule.

Seeing as this species is hard to locate from other sellers, I would highly suggest you buy from Orin if you are lucky enough to find a recent ad from him in the classifieds of Arachnoboards. He also sells captive bred whipspiders, crabs, isopods, roaches, other species of millipedes, and other cool creatures.

Rating: 5/5 Stars (or antennas)

Ebay Sellers:

Roach Ranch

I ordered 12 Eublaberus sp. “Ivory” nymphs from the Roach Ranch, in late November-early December, and received 22 healthy nymphs (plus one DOA) 2-3 days later! I paid about $20 dollars with free shipping. The box was well insulated and packaged, with a heat pack keeping my creatures warm in 40-50 degree Fahrenheit weather.

Roach Ranch carries a variety of roach species along with several kinds of isopods. Their prices are not always the best, but they do have some pretty good deals at times. I would highly suggest this seller if you are looking for good shipping service with quality livestock!

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Rating: 5/5 Elytra’s