Availability List

This is what I currently have available, please send all inquiries to arthroverts @ gmail. com. Last updated 4.9.2022

  • 15x Eublaberus serranus medium-large nymphs@$30. 1 lot (adults available upon request).
  • 15x Eublaberus serranus small nymphs@$10 (10 lots).
  • 15x Eublaberus sp. “Ivory” small nymphs@$10 (10 lots).

All specimens believed to be pure either through line-tracing or exterior morphology.

Terms of Service

Minimum purchase price before shipping=$20.

All species pure as far as I can tell. Shipping runs anywhere from $12-$25 for 2-3 day (for Californians it is usually cheaper). Some arachnids may need to be shipped via FedEx, terms discussed on a case-by-case basis. LAG guaranteed if the temperature is in between 32F-90F and the package arrives within 1-3 days. Not responsible for delays caused by the weather/postal service/covid-19/et. al. Not responsible for deaths due to a package being left on the porch/in the mailbox/etc. Depending on temperatures you may need to pay for cool/heat packs ($4). DOAs need to be reported within 12 hours of the package arriving and with clear photos and/or videos of the specimens still in the shipping containers, as well as on a white surface in a signature death pose (depends on species).