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Heyho all! It’s been a while…

I started this blog back when I was very new to the hobby, being inspired by the likes of All About Arthropods, Invertebrate Dude, and Mike’s Basic Tarantula, and as such a lot of my early posts show a distinct naïveté, ha ha. As I slowly became more experienced, my posts here became fewer, often because places like Arachnoboards competed for my time (why make a post when I can discuss things with fellow enthusiasts?), but also because I often did not have any quality photos of my collection; unlike many enthusiasts who take fantastic pictures photography is not really a strong suite of mine (yet…). I suppose a final reason is that my collection has largely been in such a state of flux recording everything on here was a bit too much to fit in, and regrettably some lapses in care due to my energies being elsewhere resulted in some frustrating losses which were not fun to relive in typing up blog posts about them.

What does this mean for the blog? For the most part I think I am going to step away from treating it as an online journal of sorts for my collection, and focus more on sharing specific experiences; breeding, collecting, exploring, taxonomic thoughts, interviews, selling, and so on. Y’all may have noticed I have already started to pivot this way, but now I am going to drill into that as much as I can.

With regards to posting frequency, I make no promises, but I do hope to get out posts at least more often then annually, ha ha. We shall see. I am working on a post about a recent trip to Arizona I made, so stay tuned for that…



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