Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Blessings on you and your household as we celebrate Christmas, however that may be, and as we move into the new year. May our collections continue to grow into what we want them to be; I know I’m looking forward to a 5th straight year of being in the hobby!

A few photos for y’all…

Tlitocatl albopilosum
Tlitocatl albopilosum. In dark lighting this species may come across as just another brown spider, but with proper lighting the true beauty of this species can be seen…
Phidippus adumbratus with prey.
Scolopendra alternans “Puerto Rican Giant” with prey (freshly molted mealworm).
Scolopendra alternans “Puerto Rican Giant”
Pterinochilus murinus spiderling.
Bumba cabocla spiderling/juvie with prey.
Aphonopelma seemani spiderling with prey.
Mastigoproctus giganteus? Not sure after the revision of the genus. With prey.

He is Alive!



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