Lose 1, Gain 2!

Hey all, I’ve got a quick collection update, which includes good news and bad news.

Let’s get the bad news over with first. Unfortunately, my adult female Spirostreptus sp. 6 died, likely from old age. What makes it frustrating is that it looks like my subadult male just molted to maturity, which ruins my breeding project for this species. Argh! If anyone has an adult or subadult female, please let me know. I would also be willing to trade the male for several immatures of this species.

Now for the good news! At one of the recent meetings of the Invertebrate Club of Southern California, which I will discuss in the next post, I traded for some new stuff! I picked up a 5i Phidippus adumbratus sling (Red Jumping Spider), and 6 Blaberus giganteus large nymphs, or Giant Cave Roaches! I have the Jumper in a 4-6 ounce deli cup and mist it a little everyday. Photos pending. As for the roaches, I have them currently in a 108.5 oz tall container with a substrate of coconut coir and some paper towel tubes for hides. I will upgrade them to a larger enclosure with some bark for molting as soon as possible. Pictures below.

And that does it for this post!



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