Cool Finds, reptile show dart frogs!

Hey all, I went to a local reptile show a little while back and “interned” at a friend’s table (Check out Jurassic Pet Supplies, the only shop I have been to that can rightly be called an “invertebrate store”, they have hundreds of tarantulas at any one time, dozens of scorpions, true spiders, including trapdoors when they can find them, millipedes, centipedes, isopods, beetles, and whatever else they can get their hands on! And they ship!). Right next to him was his friend at Tim’s Dart Frogs, who had quite a variety of Dart Frogs and live plants. Very cool!

Here are some pictures (Sorry about quality of photos, I took them with my phone, and I.D.s, I am going off what I know about Dart Frogs):

Dendrobates tinctorius morph, I think.

D. tinctorius “Alumnis”?

D. tinctorius “Powder Blue”.

Dendrobates leucomelas, Bumblebee (I have one of these).

D. tinctorius “Alumnis”? Something “Giant”? They are definitely beautiful.

Another D. tinctorius morph, I believe.

Tadpoles, these were only $10, which is a pretty good deal if you are willing to take care of them till the metamorphose.

More D. tinctorius morphs.

Phyllobates terribilis, I think up top, D. tinctorius “Azureus” on bottom.

What beautiful creatures God has made! I will definitely be getting some next time, if I don’t buy some invertebrates…

Anyway, check outĀ for some great deals and finds, I have bought from them for over a year now, and I trust them completely. Right now they have someĀ Potato Bugs, or Jerusalem Crickets (Red Form) in stock. The red is absolutely incredible, you have to see it to believe it, and I have never even seen or heard of these from anywhere else. Unfortunately, every time I opened the lid to get a picture, the lumbering cricket charged to where the opening is, leaving me with blurry pictures through the plastic that were not worth posting.

Thanks for looking!