Cool finds, Beetles.

As the name above suggests, I will be doing a series of posts of cool creatures I have found recently, some which I have collected, others that I have left be.  Identified to the best of my ability.


Blue Death Feigning Beetles (Asbolus verrucosus).

There was three of them underneath a well insulated board, but one crawled into a hole before I could get a picture. It had just rained, and the moisture level underneath the board was high.

Larvae, which are probably beetle larvae.

They were found under a moist, well insulated rug that had been left in the desert.

Unidentified Darkling Beetles (At least I think so).

Dialbolical Ironclad Beetle (Phloeodes diabolicus), I think. It tucked its legs in so completely when disturbed it looked like a an empty hull. Very cool!

Thats it for this post! See you next time!