Sizing up the stuff.

Hello Everyone, sorry about the long diapause (pun intended) on posts, I have not been able to keep up with everything else and the blog. But I am back for now, with some pretty cool new stuff and some things found while collecting!

First up, my tarantula collection is doing really well, My GBB is getting to a decent size! Notice my thumb in the background (around 3-4 inches both ways).

My Tapinauchenius violeaceus is much larger now since the last picture, I rehoused him into a larger jar.

Tapinauchenius sp. “Colombia”. When it was younger it had beautiful yellow spots on it’s abdomen, then it went brown, and now it’s a pretty reddish-brown with blonde-brown highlights on the legs (I am color blind, so that is what it looks like to me). Definitely a good deal for only $10! I would highly suggest getting Tapinauchenius species as a beginner arboreal tarantula. Much more robust than Avicularia’s, calmer than Psalmopeus’s, and definitely better than Poecilthoria’s.

Both Tapinauchenius sp. I posess.

Tapinauchenius sp. “Colombia”

I finally got a picture of my Pandinius imperator glowing under a black light. He is in the area of 3-4 inches long, including tail. Much larger than when I bought him at an inch! (Or is it this button….)

Much more to come in future posts! I am going to try and do smaller posts regularly, instead of large posts irregularly. So, see you next time!