Mysterious Deaths.

Hey Everyone, I have bad news. For some reason one of my Chicobolus spinigerus died a few days ago, and a few weeks back I found one of my Ebonies dead as well. They were both found dead on the outer edges of the terrarium, so I think they might have fallen from the lid to the substrate. There might be some other reason though, so any insight is greatly appreciated. I have a ton of babies, so its not a terrible loss, but it still is sad. Anyway, on a higher note, I’m looking at getting some new scorpions and maybe some assassin bugs, so stay tuned!

New Invertebrates!

Hello Everyone! I have got some new stuff and new pictures over the week! I’ll start off with the tarantulas. I got some new pictures of my Grammostola pulchripes, Brachypelma albopilosum, and Brachypelma emilia. Here’s some pictures of the freshly moltedĀ Grammostola pulchripes….

I always have trouble getting him to eat, it seems like he/she eats four of five crickets, stops eating and waits a month, then molts. Frustrating.

Brachypelma albopilosum dancing to the tune of cricket cries for mercy….

Brachypelma emilia sling starting to look like the adult a little. He’s/she’s starting to eat again, so thats a relief.

The first thing thats new is a Brazilian Red Head Tarantula, Bumba cabocla, thats around 1/4 of an inch. I’ve been wanting one of these for a little while now, so I was pretty happy when this one didn’t sell for a little while and I was able to get it. I got him from a friend who owns a Reptile/Invertebrate store (seriously, he has more invertebrates than reptiles).

Now, I got some pictures of my brothers corn snake, which is a Hypo Het morph. This guy got out once and terrorized my family, before we found him in a hallway, two days later, slipping and sliding around on the smooth floor. Anyway, here he is….

I got some better pictures of my millipedes as well. My pedelings are doing really well, with some around 1/3 of an inch now. The largest pedeling and two of the Bumblebees below.

Two of the Scarlets (the other one is in the left center of the picture, its mostly buried)

One of the larger Ivories

I snapped some pictures of my Desert Chocolates (Orthoporus sp.) in their new enclosure. They put a sizable dent in the rotting log I put in their cage. I measured the largest one and it was about 5.5 inches long. Wow! In the future I would like to get some Desert Golds (Orthoporus ornatus, “Gold”) to go with them.

And the Oxidus gracillis, or Greenhouse millipedes, with a small plant growing in their enclosure.

And now for my newest addition, 10-12 Therea petiveriana! (More commonly called White Spot Domino Roaches). I have been wanting to get roaches from the genus Therea for a little while now, so it was really a blessing when my friend got some Domino roaches in for his shop. He got these from Bugs in Cyberspace, and had been originally wanting to start a culture, but changed his mind after he ordered them and sold them to me. I bought them for Bugs in Cyberspace starter cultures going price, and didn’t even have to pay shipping! What a Blessing! I plan on breeding these once they mature, so hopefully I’ll be able to raise them successfully.

The enclosure….

Here is one of the larger nymphs, all the others are hiding or underground. Can’t wait till they mature!

Thats all for now! See you next post!