For Sale and Trade.

This is the page where I sell excess stock, and alert visitors to good deals from other sellers, i.e Bugs in Cyberspace, LLLreptile, Roach Crossing, reputable dealers on Arachnoboards etc etc. Enjoy!

DISCALMER: I am not responsible for bad transactions with other dealers. If you choose to deal with someone that I suggest and something goes wrong, it is YOUR fault. Note that I will only suggest reputable dealers, but everything does not always go according to plan when shipping live animals.

My Stock: I don’t have anything available right now, but I’ll let you know when I do.

Other Sellers:

Jurassic Pet Supplies has 2 Pandinius imperator (Emperor Scorpions) in stock now! Plus vinegaroons, Flat Rocks, and more. Check it out at